In a very shocking news for Android users, a new malware has been found to take control of your phone (sounds quite new, isnt it? ). The malware just doesnt take control, but also asks you to pay $300 to unlock it. Researchers have termed this malware as “Ransomeware Koler.A” (what a insgihtful name!!), which shows a notice to the infected phones that the user has been viewing illegal porn and the government *cough* wants you to pay $300 to unlock the phone and free you of all charges. How does the malware know that you have been watching illegal porn? Well, we had a theory that the malware is omnipresent in air and watches over every single android user and is determined to punish people, but that theory was quickly struck down as it seemed a little far fetched.

ransomeware Koler.A

In reality, this is a clever trick employed in few porn sites which forces the users to download a certain web player to download in order to watch the videos seems to be the culprit. The site asks the users to enable installation of apps from unknown source from settings after which it proceeds to install the malware in the phone. Researchers believe that the notice shown to the user is a web view and even if the user tries to navigate to home , it temporarily disappears only to pop up and annoy you to hell. This ransomeware is quite different from previous malwares as researchers from BitDefender have theorised that it encrypts the whole hard-drive (Cryptolocker) and holds the phone as a hostage. But since it is still a theory, we can assume that there is a possibility that it is not true and that the phone will be normal after a good night’s sleep.

Bitdefender Senior E-Threat Analyst Bogdan Botezatu wrote in an e-mail stating that he managed to uninstall the app manually by swiftly going to applications and dragging the icon on the Uninstall control, but it only works if the application icon is on the first row. Otherwise, one wouldn’t have the necessary time to drag it to the top, where the uninstall control is located and should may be try begging at the screen or scare it to death. The malware changes the description of the crime committed based on the geolocations and adds a personal touch to scare you emphatically.

Until a solution is found, we suggest that you do not watch porn ( or even think of it ). If you do watch it and get infected, we suggest you to try a hard reset of the phone before thinking of paying $300 through a very safe and famous payment gateway – uKash to unlock the phone.



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