A rare lunar eclipse is set to occur on Wednesday, October 8 in the early hours of the morning. This rare lunar eclipse will present you with an equally rare sight and experience – seeing a total moon eclipse and a rising sun at the same time! Scientists state that this rare phenomenon is called selenelion.

According to scientists, four of such consecutive total lunar eclipse tetrad is set to occur, with one already happened on April 15, 2014. The one happening tomorrow October 8 will be the second one in the series, and the two other ones will occur on April 4, 2015 and September 28, 2015.

For those interested in watching the moon eclipse live, it is set to occur live by 5:14 am and the total eclipse will be complete around 6:25 am. The only thing to regret is that the sight might not last long in this part of New England because moonset typically occurs by 6:53 am after the sunrise has gone before by 6:49 am. This shows that increasing daylight might make this eclipse experience a little difficult for many to witness directly.

There will also be other weather conditions that only those versed in meteorological jargons can understand. But we will spare you all that. You only need know that you might have some downpour that is accompanied by lightning and thunder during the eclipse, and air shifts might affect cloud and sunshine during and after this period. However, the total moon eclipse phenomenon promises to be lifting if you can take out the time to watch it happen.

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