Reddit is now going to change its policies so as to make discussions of the Internet less abusive and offensive. For the past few years the website was continuously facing issues related to the harassment, hate speech and gender discrimination based discussion, however, under the presence of the interim CEO, Ellen Pao, these things probably be going away.

Reddit is going to eliminate the gender-based discrimination discussions including one that are based on salaries. A majority of discussions related to salaries based on differences among men and women sparks issues related to the gender-discrimination. It often states that men have better negotiating skills, which makes them earn more.

Reddit in its blog post noted out that the policies aren’t meant for making a direct impact on a majority of its users, but it is for stopping attacks against people in the form of hate-speech or harassment.

If reports are to be believed, then most of the Reddit users do not want their friends and families to be on the website for the above-mentioned issues and abusive nature. Even though they use it, people want to keep their relatives off it.

Reddit is always about the sharing any type of content, “We’ve always encouraged freedom of expression by having a mostly hands-off approach to content shared on our site,” a blog post from CEO Ellen Pao and the leadership team said.

According to the changes in new policies, the harassment has been defined as “systematic and/or continued actions to torment or demean someone.” Users have been requested to report any such incident to the Reddit by sending an email to them.

Harassment on social media websites is a severe issue, and companies are making endless efforts to clamp down on it. There have been so many cases where the persons involved have been severely affected by such incidents.

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