Samsung Galaxy S5, which is already on sale in US and other 125 countries, the latest flagship is one of the finest smartphone company has ever launched. Revealed at the World Mobile Congress earlier this year, the new Galaxy S5 has a lot of features to count on. Talking about the specs the phone will house a powerful quad core Snapdragon processor clocking at 2.5GHz, and will be available in 16GB or 32GB storage.

The screen, which has been build with the Cornering Gorilla Glass, is 5.1-inches in the size and has a 1080×1920 pixels resolution with a density of 440 pixels per inch.

But since the very much anticipated and well rumored phone from Apple, the iPhone 6 is also coming few months, it is very important to decide whether we should wait for the iPhone 6 or not.

Apple iPhone 6, which going to ship with the upcoming iOS 8, is expected to offer a complete health care. Coming with integrated sensors, the new iPhone will monitor heart-beat, blood pressure and sugar level. While most of the facts are unclear, the Apple has also developed an app called ‘health book’ to help user with his health.

Coming down to the specs, the iPhone’s ultra-retina 5.7-inches screen will be made out of the sapphire glass, which is stronger than the Gorilla Glass Samsung Galaxy S5 has. Powering it with the powerful next generation 64-bit A8 processor clocked at 2.7Ghz, the new iPhone will be available in either 32GB or 64GB of storage.

It is definite, Apple iPhone 6 is going to bear an extra price tag, iPhone 6 which is yet a rumor is more of a “phablet”. The screen of this much size has never been seen in the Apple smartphones.

If rumors to be believed, except the screen, which is too large to fit in our pockets, Apple iPhone 6 beats the new Samsung Galaxy S5 in many ways. The major advantage it has its processor, which is more battery efficient in doing tasks.

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