According to a report by The Information, the Android Silver project is dead. They are reporting that the project was led by former Googler Nikesh Arora, and he left Google, the idea is gone with him. They further said that Google was never fully ready for it, and also the OEM’s and carriers were not certain about it as well. Nikesh Arora was pushing the project, but then he left Google to be the Vice President of Softbank Internet and Media Inc.

In past few months, we have heard several times about the Android Silver project. We have heard how it was supposed to be released at the Google I/O conference, also another rumor came along that it will debut with the rumored HTC Nexus 9 tablet, but as Android Silver is down the drain, it seems that all we will hear from Google will be about the ‘Nexus’ series.

HTC is really working on a Nexus 9 tablet and it will be released in October – and it will run the Google’s latest Android L software. Google is right now focused about Android L and their ‘Pure Android’ line known as the “Nexus”, and Google have released a Nexus device in partnership with HTC before as well, the first ever Nexus device known as the Nexus One. HTC has an event on Oct.8 called “Double Exposure” , and it is believed that HTC will introduce the Nexus 9 and few other products during that event.

Android L is the future of Android, and hopefully by the end of this year, it will hit all the flagship Android smartphones as well. Right now, we don’t know if Nexus 9 is the only ‘Nexus’ device we will see this year, so I would say that Google might surprise their fans with a Nexus device we don’t know about.

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