HTC will be the next big brand to launch a smartwatch. The Taiwanese smartphone giant is working on a smartwatch and they are planning to launch it in late August or early September and they will call it the ‘One Wear’. The source received a demo of the device,  and they are saying that the design of the watch will be round like the Moto 360 and it will be available in polycarbonate and metal flavors. In February, HTC Chairwoman said that their smartwatch will be ready by Christmas, so we might see it this fall.

No more details are available regarding the smartwatch, but it is confirmed now that HTC is working on one, and we will see it officially within few months. However, TKTechNews uploaded just two pictures of the One Wear on their Instagram account. One shows just a glimpse of its metal band, and other gives a look on its prototype software.

In the picture below, you will notice how its in a square form and I mentioned earlier that the One Wear will be in a circular shape. Maybe it’s like that because it’s just a prototype version.

Until now, HTC was just focused on their smartphones and they were really losing it as their last few quarterly reports were not really good. But with the help of the HTC One the all new HTC One M8, HTC is expecting a 52% increase in their profit in Q2 2014, reports BNP Paribas. As HTC is now in a stable position, they are looking ahead to enter in the smartwatch division as well.

Giants like Samsung and LG offers smartwatches, and Motorola will be joining them pretty soon. Apple is also planning to launch a smartwatch, and then there’s HTC joining the party later this year. The shipments of smartwatches have grown by a whopping 250 percent.

Global smartwatch shipments grew a healthy +250% YoY in Q1 2014. The market was driven heavily by Samsung and its Galaxy Gear model, which is outperforming all major rivals like Motorola and Pebble. This report tracks global smartwatch shipments and market-share by hardware vendor by quarter for 2013 and Q1 2014. It can be used by device makers, component suppliers, operators, software developers, content suppliers and other stakeholders to determine the size and growth rate of the global smartwatch market.

This is an analysis by Strategy Analytics. They believe that smartwatches will be the next big thing. I think it’s safe to say that year 2014 is the year of smartwatches.

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