With the increased awareness and use of DIY healthcare devices like mobile health apps and devices among physicians and patients, the healthcare sector is fast becoming a $2.8 trillion market that is becoming dominated with top-of-the-range personal healthcare devices; and to this end, the Health Research Institute has released a report stating top 10 health issues that may take the lead in the coming year 2015.

According to Kelly Barnes of PwC, “With consumers leading the way, bearing more costs and making more decisions, change is erupting throughout the health industry. Established healthcare companies and new entrants are rapidly developing cost-efficient products and services tailored directly to consumers.”

Health professionals and patients are using more of DIY personal health kit, wearable tech, smartphone devices and apps, and other high-tech; and will do more of this in 2015.

Personal and portable medical devices that can be used by patients themselves are making the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions easier.

The use of these personal healthcare devices and apps will give more grounds to privacy and convenience as we enter into another year.

Patients suffering from terminal diseases and the aging population will spark innovations in care delivery and management systems to take care of them.

More people will get medically-insured in 2015 and almost all of these will be taken care of in proper management programs.

Physicians will delegate more tasks to extenders like nursing practitioners, medical assistants, and lab assistants; and these will become the first line of contact for many patients to the relief of doctors.

More people will take to health benefits and products as a reflection of a growth in the economy in years to come.

Many partnerships will be formed between traditional and conventional healthcare providers, and this joint ventures will energize healthcare firms into getting more competitive with their services.

New doors and opportunities will be open as a result of transparent initiatives that are based on clinical trial data and relationships between medical practitioners and healthcare companies, buoyed by increased trust and financial relations.

With new health products and price fixations or slashes set to hit the market in 2015, both health consumers and providers will have a great time benefiting one another in the year to come.

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