YouTube has become a behemoth of content creation on the Web, millions of users have signed up account to make videos and only a small bunch have made a successful business out of the service.

The ones that have found success make an impressive living off YouTube’s ad revenue split. This has lead networks and content copyright claims onto YouTube, to capitalise on those who make money on the service.

Fortunately, most of the networks on YouTube offer fair payment and most copyright claims need to be legit to count. There have been some issues, but nothing for the biggest YouTubers to worry about in the long run for their business.

For those who are not as fortunate to make millions of YouTube, it is hard to keep running their channel alongside another job, meaning many stop making content or start making more viral content that the core audience does not enjoy.

Some have tried to find other ways of maintaining funds, either through donations or subscriptions, but without an active first party donation service hundreds of thousands of viewers might not even know the channel is struggling to keep going.

CrowdTilt, IndieGogo and Patreon are all crowd-funding services that have helped channels stay alive and continue to move into other areas and we have seen big donations for shows to continue, just recently a series called Gamer Poop gained over $1500 per video from Patreon, keeping the series alive after YouTube and network issues.

YouTube could still make this better, with first party donation integration, users will be notified the channel is struggling or a certain amount would help continue the channel. Dropping out of a job to start a career as a YouTube personality is very hard, but having subscription and donation per month makes it a lot easier.

Ad revenue is still a huge reason why YouTube exists and is better than paid content, but as more channels get hit by bad networks and poor CPM, subscriptions and donations might be a way to continue working without issues.

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