A research report by Pew Research Center has revealed how using social media such Twitter affects stress level in women. Additionally, the study looked into how use of social media, Internet and cell phone impacts stress in both men and women. Interesting details emerged out of the survey that captured 1,801 Americans in the portions of the months of August and September last year.

Lower stress for women on Twitter

The survey found out that women who receive several emails in a day, share photos and use Twitter several times in one day, have lower stress levels than those who do not. Specifically, the study showed that women engage in photo sharing, emailing sending and receiving and spent much time on Twitter have 21% lower stress than women who do not do these things.

However, women who have an average number of friends on Facebook were found to have higher exposure to bad news from their friends than men. For example, women on Facebook get to know about 13% more stressful news about closest friends such as death and divorce, all of which can contribute to their own stress level. Men on Facebook only get become aware of 8% of such stressful news about closest friends.

No more stress for social media users

As to whether people who heavily use Internet and social media have more stress than those who do not, the study found that is not true. Except in the case of Facebook that may expose users to more bad news, higher use of social media, Internet or cell phone does not contribute to stress.

Overall women are more stressed than men whether they are on the social media or not. In a common stress measure known as Perceived Stress Scale, the average stress level for women was found to be 10.5 points out of 30. That compared with the average of men of 9.8 points.

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