According to reports, the U.S. researchers claim that dogs can be used to recognize thyroid cancer in those people who have not yet been diagnosed. Everyone is aware of the fact that dogs have extraordinary skills when it comes to smelling something, but hardly anyone thinks that this ability can be used to sniff out cancer as well.


Tested And Proved:

So far, the scientists have tested 34 patients. The result of the tests shows the 88% success rate in finding thyroid tumors. The team of scientists that presented a detailed report and findings at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society claimed that animals, especially dogs had an extraordinary sense of smell.

Cancer Research UK calls it an impractical step, but hopes that it can lead to new tests. Nobody uses dogs in cancer treatments, but the fact that they have the best capabilities to recognize and locate chemicals in the human body cannot be ignored. Thyroid is an important gland in the human neck, which produces hormones to manage and regulate metabolism. Not every second person suffers from thyroid tumors.

Even though they are very rare to see, but still doctors try to diagnose them by testing hormone levels in the body as well as by using a needle to extract cancer cells for tests.

It’s not the first time when the scientists have come up with an approach like that. Reports claim that they have been trying to use doctors in the cancer treatments for a long time. Previously, a team of researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences came up with a conclusion that dogs could easily differentiate between the urine samples of the patients with and without urine samples.

Cancer cells are very defective and release fluid that is very smelly. It’s not easy for humans to pick the smell released by the cancer cells, but if dogs are used for treatments, then situation can become very easy and hassle-free.

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