Spinal injuries are difficult to treat and complete recovery is often impossible. Finally there is some good news; a drug has been developed by researchers which they claim can help in healing a Damaged Spinal Cord. Study leader Jerry Silver, a neuroscience professor at Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University, said, “This recovery is unprecedented.”

The drug has been tested on injured rats and they were able to move their legs after the drug were administered. Researchers claim that the drug was able to heal the nerve cells by sending communication across the broken region. The crowning glory is that the drug can be injected into the body and negates any need for surgery.

Till date there was no other treatment for a broken spine other than invasive surgery. Conventional treatment included stem cell injections, nerve tissue transplants and neurostimulators implants.

Lyn Jakeman, study co-author and program director at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, said, “This is a great step toward identifying a novel agent for helping people recover from spine troubles. The development has opened possibility that millions of people could, one day, regain movements lost during spinal cord injuries.”

No drug is available which can improve or heal the damaged spine condition. The spinal cord injuries take a very long time to heal naturally.

Washington: Scientists have revealed that they have developed a new drug that may partially relieve paralyzing spinal cord injuries, based on indications from a study in rats.

Dr. Silver is very excited about the discovery and it opens up possibilities for millions of hapless persons who have lost movements of parts of their body due to spinal cord injuries. The lead author of the study and a graduate student in Dr. Silver’s lab, Bradley Lang, Ph.D. first broached on the idea of designing a drug which would aid axons to regenerate without any surgical intervention.

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