Researchers have discovered that a naturally occurring compound present in red wine, as well as dark chocolate, might slow down Alzheimer’s disease’s progress. Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequently occurring kind of dementia in people aged 65 or more.

Resveratrol present in red grapes and some berries was consumed in purified forms by some participants having mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, a control group was given placebos.

After a period of one year, the participants’ resveratrol supplements displayed slight or no change of amyloid-beta40 in their cerebrospinal fluid as well as blood. Meanwhile, participants in the control group experienced reduced levels of amyloid-beta40 as commonly happen with the diseases worsening.

  1. Scott Turner, the studies main investigator, described the results as very attractive. However, in his opinion this is a small study that requires more research to conclude anything definitively.

The drug has not been commercially released. However, various pure forms of the drug can be obtained from pharmacists as well as health food shops. Scientists are particularly interested in resveratrol as it activates sirtuin proteins a process also caused by caloric restrictions.

The study involved 119 participants. One gram of resveratrol administered orally twice a day was the largest dosage tested. Incidentally, this equal to the total amount found in roughly 1000 bottles of red wine. The study concluded that the compound was well tolerated as well as safe.

Aging is the most significant risk factor for the incidents of Alzheimer’s disease. Animal studies have discovered that the majority of age-related diseases can be slowed or altogether avoided by caloric restrictions.

Over 5 million individuals in the United States have Alzheimer’s, which is the main reason of dementia. The number of Alzheimer’s patients is set to grow triple fold by 2050. Hence, researchers are examining ways to slow or halt the onset of this deadly mental ailment.

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