Paleontologists had always known of dinosaurs that flew in the skies like huge birds, and they know of dinosaurs that walked the land like giant lizards, but discovering one that swam in water was beyond belief – but then, it was found in no other place but Africa, Morocco.

Fossil researchers found the fossil remains of a dinosaur that possibly was semi-aquatic in every sense of the word, and it had adaptable features that enabled it to live on land as well as to thrive in water. Named the spinosaurus aegyptiacus, the swimming dinosaur had feet that could have been webbed and well adapted for paddling, and it also had a sail-like feature on its spine that would have helped it navigate the waters.

The 15-meter long spinosaurus also had nostrils that were placed higher to its skull, and this would have enabled it to breathe if it was half submerged in water. It also had a set of teeth that was interlocked and this would have enabled it to trap fish and other water creatures.

According to Nizar Ibrahim, a researcher from the University of Chicago in Illinois, “it is the first dinosaur that shows these really incredible adaptations. There is no doubt in my mind that spinosaurus would have done most of its hunting in the water.” And Simone Maganuco of the Milan museum in Italy added that “its teeth are interlocked like a fish trap, and its powerful forelimbs could have paddled through the water. Its feet may even have been webbed.”

Scientists believe that the present Morocco could have been a mass of deltas and lakes millions of years ago when dinosaurs dominated the earth, and huge predators would have ruled the skies and the land alike in brazen shows of power for survival. The discovery of a swimming dinosaur is casting a new perception on the world of dinosaurs, because this meant that the massive dinosaur must have been a behemoth that ruled the skies, waters, and lands – depending on its kind.

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