A large team of Canadian and American researchers claims that they have solved the mystery of the marine plague, which killed many sea stars. The scientists named this microbe of the plague behind the ‘sea star associated densovirus’. There was a plague in the Pacific Ocean last year. There was an illness among the marine life inhibits in the summer of 2013. The marine life had been endangered because of this phenomenon. Researchers from Canada and America state a claim of having found a cure to all this. Death of starfishes has been caused in the past years due to these.

Drew Harvell, Ecology professor from the Cornell University said, “The whole arm is flat. It looks dried out, wasted, thin, deflated. Sea stars are not supposed to look like that. … My expectation is that within the next month all of the stars will die. These kinds of events are sentinels of change. When you get an event like this, I think everybody will say it’s an extreme event and it’s pretty important to figure out what’s going on.”

The team had set on to catch the virus due to which the marine life had been devastated. They had accumulated sunflower sea stars from a place in Washington State. They supplied UV-treated, filtered seawater to all those sunflowers. Afterwards, they compared the tissue of infected sunflowers and the non-infected ones. The study disclosed that a complete genome of a new virus.

Ian Hewson, lead author of the study said, “The figure of thousands of animals evidently indicates that the virus is linked with symptomatic sea stars.” Amidst so many viruses in the sea, it was certainly a tough job for scientists to find out the one. Researchers have claimed that the virus first emerged approximately 72 years ago and infected millions of marine organisms.

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