The Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate adopted a resolution that stipulates the United States would assist Israel if Israel felt it had no other alternative than attack Iran.

Senate Resolution 65 was presented in March by Lindsey Graham the U.S. Senator from South Carolina and co-sponsored by another 15 senators including Marco Rubio from Florida, Robert Menendez from New Jersey, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Chuck Schumer of New York amongst others.

The resolution states the U.S. has an unbreakable commitment in and a vital national interest to, ensuring the security, survival and existence of Israel, which reaffirms the U.S. support for the right of self-defense by Israel. It further states that if Israel were compelled to self-defense by using military action, the U.S. would stand beside Israel and provide military, economic and diplomatic support to defend its people, territory and existence.

The resolution also states the current U.S. policy is to stop the nuclear ambitious of Iran. The resolution was approved by 70 for the Senate’s 100 senators.

Moshe Yaalon Israel’s defense minister stated earlier in the week that the Tehran regime did not see those in the western world as being determined to stop the country’s nuclear project, therefore it allows itself to move forward with it program’s plans.

He continued by saying the world needed to support them in their standoff with Tehran, but that Israel must be prepared to protect itself alone if necessary.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister referred to the nuclear threat by Iran as similar to the behaviour of late by North Korea. Saying North Korea was a wild regime that had access to nuclear weapons and that sanctions do not always work effectively against regimes that are sufficiently determined.

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