Riot Games’ League of Legends already has about 27 million active users, but in a recent report the company is about to hit the mark of $1 Billion revenue. The game is free to play. However; it earns much of its revenue by the in-game purchases users make. It was first launched in the year 2009, but now has become a phenomenal software that wins hearts of million of gamers.

The main reason to attract people towards the game is the World Championship, Riot Games hold every year. They offer a seat ranging from $15 – $50, which eventually generates a lot of revenue for the company. A player joins in as the main character and then move along levels with other players in the game. Just like any other games, a player has to clear levels to gain more power, weapons and extra perks during the gameplay. The upper scale players, usually, have more powers and weapons.

The game in no way is boring, it has all the great sounds, colors and characters. The game has a comical gameplay and is full of surprises. It is the one that has been equipped with epic characters and weapons.

The tournaments of this game are just like any league of football or baseball game. Spectators gather around in a large arena equipped with large displays.

Analysts believe that the Riot place overall experience first and then the finance, and that strategy is expected to make company a billion dollar by the end of this year, the little transactions users do in the game. While these extra optional do not provide any real in-game advantage, company believes that they are a good way to reward gamers.

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3 Responses

  1. Guest

    I couldn’t help but laugh. They make this much money, but only have 1
    mega server on the West Coast (screwing anyone who wants to play at a
    decent ping on the East Coast), and that server CONSTANTLY has issues.
    You would think that with a billion dollars/year, they would have
    figured out how to have a reliable network. Rito pls!

    • Glend

      You’ve got Apple, Microsoft and Google who have way lot more money than that and still have server issues. Personally I’ve rarely had a problem in EUNE, and most of the time it’s an understandable issue.

      • Guest

        I experience multiple problems a day (lag, rubber banding, random disconnects, client crashing). EUNE sounds amazing right about now.

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