October 26th , 2014 marks the 10th year of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which was released on this day in North America a decade ago. Rockstar, the most notable of which is an anniversary event it’s hosting in Grand Theft Auto Online. The San Andreas Anniversary Weekend is now live in GTA V’s online mode and runs through October 26th. This consists in part of a new limited-time playlist, San Andreas Throwback Jobs, that offers fan-created missions with callbacks to San Andreas. By participating in the playlist, one can earn double RP and GTA$.

There is also a lot of interesting stuff happening in free mode, where you’ll find special crate drops falling out of the sky for you to claim. These crates hold exclusive t-shirts featuring one of four radio stations from San Andreas along with in-game cash and weapons. Other aspects of the event include 50-percent discounts on green clothing (the color of choice for your gang in San Andreas), BMX bikes, bandanas, and other accessories, as well as a 25-percent discount on lowered-suspension vehicle mods. There’s also a Snapmatic contest that you can read more about at Rockstar’s website

Even if you’ve moved on from GTA V, there are still ways to celebrate the anniversary. As reported earlier this week, Rockstar plans on re releasing San Andreas on Xbox 360 with 720p graphics, improved draw distances, and achievements on October 26. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to play GTA on the go, you can get the GTA III-era games on the cheap between now and November 9 this year.

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