The media streaming company, Roku, has announced new plans for its Roku 3 that will allow users to mirror the screen. The feature is now only available on Windows 8. 1 and Android devices, and will allow the users to mirror anything from videos, games, applications and lot more.

Availability of streaming service will allow Roku Users to stream whatever is visible on mobile device. It will stream the content to the TV or any other display that is supported by Roku. Roku allows you to stream whatever is on your screen, whereas, devices such as Chromecast are not suitable to display content other than the videos and images. It is not a best suit for professional presentations and business meetings.

This new feature will be rolled out to all the eligible devices, including Roku 3, from today, whereas other users will receive the update later this week. The service is not new; however, it is still going to attract more users as it offers best in the class.

On the flip side, question of the hour would be when Roku will be able to make this app available on iOS platform. There are about 48.9% iPhone users in US, which makes it the next most used platform after Android. Roku is supposed to roll the app in the coming few weeks, till then Apple users have to wait.

Even though, Windows 8.1 has a comparatively less share in the smartphone market, company launched an app for it but not for the Apple iOS.

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