Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)  has been rumored to unveil its much anticipated wearable, iWatch, at its annual event scheduled for September 9th this year. According to some of the reports, Apple is all set to introduce the device at this event, while other rivals in the industry including, Samsung and Sony, have already come up with “Similar Wearable Gadgets.”

It is without any doubt that Apple Inc is highly expected to add a next generation iPhone to the shelf, the iPhone 6, which has been rumored to come in two versions, one with a large screen while other having a smaller screen size.

Cupertino giant’s tagline in the event invitation, “Wish we could say more” has created more controversies than expected over the Internet. People around the world are already relating it with what Apple is expected to launch this year.

Coming back to iWatch, it just might use HomeKit, the company’s new framework for controlling its devices, it’s functioning; however, is not clear till now. The WSJ has claimed that it will be available in “multiple screen sizes” and will offer “more than ten sensors.” The New York Times has said it will most likely use “curved glass” to fit round the wrist; and the screen size has been variously reported as 1.3-inches, 1.6-inches, 1.7-inches, 1.8-inches and 2.5-inches. A small and sleek design would be comfy to wear, but at the same time, we should consider that it’s not too small making it impossible to read what’s on the screen. What its actual specifications are, we don’t know yet.

Since Apple is well known for its precision and finest technology, we expect it to be the best and first in its class. The price to expect for the iWatch would be nearly $300. Till date Apple has delivered what it promised in most aspects, so we can only hope that it doesn’t disappoint us this time.

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