Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is currently in rumors to be working on a new form of a digital assistant that will backed by the human cognitive skills. With no information to us about who they are, Facebook is apparently going to deploy humans to satisfy the results of our queries.

According to the internal sources, Facebook has codenamed this new project as “Moneypenny” – which reminds us of the James Bond’s boss fictional assistant.

Without a doubt, this new type of virtual assistant is indeed different from the algorithm based programs such as SIRI and Window Cortana, Moneypenny is supposedly powered by the real human brains with actual cognitive skills to help out the users with their queries.

Users will be throwing out the requests by typing or by saying the commands which then will be processed by the humans working restlessly. Currently, Facebook is testing the service.

Facebook has declined to provide any information on that and said that “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” However, the Moneypenny is expected to come bundled with the Messenger app to allow the users purchase goods and ask their queries.

Facebook has an ever-growing user base, and with more people opening accounts at it, the social networking giant is making itself more aware of the human behavior by the observing the photos, statuses and several other things users do at the website.

It has an extensive database of an individual liking and disliking, and with the help od advanced algorithms it can pinpoint the objects belonging to the user’s interest. If this virtual assistant surfaces out, it surely going to have this data at its back end to help the humans provide the users with a better option. But, will it be a paid? Are there going to be any ads in it? All these questions remain till we see the face of this virtual assistant.

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