It’s iPhone time to rule the year again! News are coming that Apple will show off its eighth generation of its one step ahead device on September 9. If you believe the gossip, iPhone6 will be the most sensational updates to the iPhone line in the short time.
What will be a new iPhone called?
Usually the name of the piece of the series is easily predictable. After the iPhone4, they launched iPhone 4S. Then they came up with iPhone 5 and then the 5S and the 5C. So it’s now too natural or easy to predict what should be the next series will called off, it’s Apple new-updated device iPhone 6.
It’s time to get excited, because Apple this time is not sticks to its usual cycle; the new iPhone will see a complete hardware redesign. And due to the possibility of its new size, the difference could be extremely served.
Most gossips agree that the iPhone case will get a complete overtake. Leaked photos make sure that new design be a throwback of sorts, taking the smooth, rounded structure of the original iPhone while summiting its hat to details from the current line, mostly the line of top and bottom case. Sonny Dickson the guy who leaked the photos of iPhone 5C leaked several photos of the iPhone 6.
Other design details are a little bit confusing. Some say that the new glass will be curved, but we have been entertained a lot by these all gossips for a pretty long time without seeing any results. It seems that new iPhone will be thinner compared to other iPhone 5S and feature a slimmer bezel, which would make sense for navigating a larger screen. The sleep/wake button will be redesigned and relocated these types of news are also reported, perhaps to the same spot where it is on Samsung smartphones.

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