The launch of a new Russian space rocket got cancelled just few minutes before its blastoff. Russian’s President Vladimir Putin was connected to the moment via live feed. After almost two decades of development this space rocket was made all ready to blastoff, but was cancelled.

The earlier scamped attempt to launch the Angara rocket, which is the maiden formation of space since the soviet era, ended up as an adversity to Russia’s disputable space business. The test flight was aborted due to technical issues, Russian officials said.

Russia aborts Angara rocket launch few minutes before blastoff

“This is the first launch vehicle that has been developed and built from scratch in Russia,” Igor Lissov, an expert with trade journal Novosti Kosmonovatiki. “Everything else we have is a modernization of our Soviet legacy.”

“Angara’s entry into operation will guarantee Russia’s access to low-Earth orbit and the country’s independence in the field of space exploration,” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told the government daily Rossiskaya Gazeta this month.

The project Angara was initially kick-started in order to replace the Soyuz, a workhorse of the Soviet and then Russian space program, designed more than four decades ago.

Angara rocket is named after a river in Siberia, which is the first new orbit-capable rocket to be invented by Russia since the elimination of the Soviet Union. It is particularly designed with a modular approach taking in count.

“There is absolutely no guarantee that Angara, which is built by the same industry, by the same company, by the same people will be immune to these problems,” said Anatoly Zak, editor of the industry website Russianspaceweb.

Angara is a competent flying machine with multiple configurations, and variations may occur according to its mission or payload requirements. However, the launch was tentatively held over until Saturday.

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