A crew of three has arrived the International Space Station aboard the Soyuz, a Russian spacecraft capsule. The three were made up of two Russian astronauts and an American, including another female cosmonaut, Elena Serova, who happened to be the first female to check into the International Space Station.

Space engineers had been worried about the mission of the Russian Soyuz when the portside solar panel became stuck few moments after take-off, and they feared that the broken solar array would block the radiator system and cause intense heat inside the spacecraft. The Soyuz spacecraft can only contain three or four astronauts and consists of a crew capsule, an orbital module, and a service module.

But the space engineers were able to heave a sigh of relief when the machine docked at its destination without any incidents, and when asked if the solar array had been deployed, Alexander Samokutyaev, the Soyuz commander replied, “No, but the power situation is fine. It just doesn’t look good from the point of view of photographs. We’re eating and drinking, and we’re being merry. Everything is as it should be.”

After landing without any issues at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the crew joined three other astronauts who were already waiting for them aboard the station, and took off from Earth for the space in a trip that could last for 6 months. The Soyuz would be getting to space station soon where it would be joining with others already there, and they would be receiving congratulatory messages from their loved ones when they get there. The trio that initially took off in the Soyuz will work and live at the International Space Station till March 2015, and the other trio they joined with will return to Earth this year November.

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