June 21, 2015: A new Russian research found that kangaroos are left-handed in general. This new information can be a challenge to what we already know about marsupials.

A leading biologist from Saint Petersburg State University – Yegor Malashichev- is known to have traveled to Australia to understand Kangaroos and has a decade of experience in studying handedness in animals, said a report on Sydney Morning Herald.

This is not the first time that studies have been conducted on kangaroos, but earlier studies were mostly on these animals in captivity and there was no conclusive evidence from the studies.

Malashichev said that the new finding is a remarkable thing, and it gives an impression that the bipedal species prefers to use the left hand, instead of right.

The team also found that for most of the tasks including bending branches and grooming, kangaroos mostly used their left paws.

The study and its fact was published in Current Biology journal and also mentioned that the left hand use was more easily apparent in red and larger eastern grey species.

Among the other findings was the fact that red-necked wallabies didn’t rely on one side alone and used different paws for varied tasks.

The red-necked wallabies are mostly found around Canberra in the dense vegetation.

This new report comes at the controversial time, when the ACT government is set to cull eastern grey kangaroos around eight reserves around Canberra to avoid damage to sensitive flora and prevent overgrazing.

However, the culling orders have been delayed, following legal challenge from animal rights activists.

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