The study of a mysterious hole in Siberia has thrown up more questions than answers. Scientists have come back after an expedition to the hole in Siberia.

The mysterious hole is situated in the Arctic Steppes in Siberia, in a place known as Yamal which means ‘End of the world’. The web is agog with conspiracy theorists, scientists and experts who are dissecting the semantic hairand offering all sorts of explanation and its long term effects.

Andrey Plekhanov, Senior Researcher at the State Scientific Centre of Arctic Research said to the Siberian Post, “The crater has more of an oval than a circular shape; it makes it harder to calculate the exact diameter. As of now our estimates is about thirty meters. If we try to measure diameter together with soil emission, the so-called parapet, then the diameter is up to sixty meters. The crater is from 50 to 70 meters deep.”

The scientists have collected soil and ice samples and have been sent to laboratories for analysis. The crater seems to have been formed rather recently, perhaps a year or two ago.

There are various possibilities for the appearance of these mysterious holes. Plekhanov wonders if it could be caused by global warming. The two previous summers of years, 2012 and 2013 was the hottest in Yamal and it could be one of the causes. Plekhanov and his team are sure of one thing- under the influence of some internal processes an ejection of permafrost took place. Plekhanov and his team stressed that it is not an explosion rather an ejection and no heat was released in the process. Plekhanov also said about an old theory which was forgotten of how Yamal lakes were formed because of such natural phenomenon in the permafrost.

This process has been happening for the last 8000 years and perhaps it is happening even now. If this theory is confirmed, scientists can say that the unusual landscape of Yamal peninsula is caused by a natural process.

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