Lump Sum Profits by Ryan Moran. Now this is NOT a get rich course. So if you are looking for a push button make a million than you need to look else where because this is not it.

But if you are looking for a tested and proven course, that can show you how to make money online (with some effort on your part) than this is the right one for you.

I have tried this course and found that the information contained here allowed me to sell a website that I have already tried to sell for almost 10x the best offer that I received before the course. Now I know that this is just an isolated case and you have to take me at my word. But this is a straight forward simple to follow course. And one that can be duplicated over and over again.

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Ryan also packs the course full of case studies, so that you are not only learning from him but also from other people on how exactly they are able to accomplish the same results.

So What is it? In a quick simple nutshell this course shows you how to either build small websites and turn in them in to paydays of $1,000. Or you can buy small existing websites and do some “window dressing” and than sell them for a lump sum.  Now think about it, for your time (couple of hours: my site took me less than an hour to build) some content (either provided by you or bought ~$20: I used spun articles) and a hosting account (~$5/mo: I have an unlimited account so this was $0 for me) and you can make $1,000?

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money per month you really need to take a look at this course. I know that you will be happy once you sell your first site and put that lump sum profit in your pocket.

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