Prism Sound, manufacturer of the SADiE product range of high-end DAWs, is delighted to announce a major addition to its new SADiE 6 release. In a deal just announced with iZotope, all SADiE 6 systems will include an expanded audio effect feature set powered by iZotope technology.

These nine VST plug-ins make use of SADiE 6’s extended VST capabilities and are in addition to the existing on-board EQ’s, dynamics, aux sends, M/S decoder width control Graphic EQ and Mastering Limiter. All SADiE 6 systems also come with SADiE’s own Hi-dither tools, with the Sound Suite and Mastering Suite packages including Prism Sound’s legendary Super Noise Shaping dither tools.

Peter Nash, SADiE 6 specialist at Prism Sound, comments: “The deal with iZotope brings a well respected range of creative tools to SADiE 6, which will prove invaluable to creative radio production professionals and post production specialists alike. We have worked closely with iZotope to choose precisely the right combination of functionality to allow creativity to be maximised in what is already regarded as the most serious of DAWs used by broadcasters the world over.”

These features will include:
• Reverb
• Chorus & Flanger
• Analogue Delay
• Phaser
• Pitch-Shift
• Parametric EQ
• Single-Band Compressor
• Multiband Compressor
• Simple Mastering (including EQ, reverb, exciter, widener, loudness maximize)

Alex Westner, iZotope’s Business Development Manager adds: “With such a well respected and experienced workflow-orientated editing system as SADiE, we feel we can add to the product’s creative value with a variety of our audio technologies, while introducing the iZotope brand to a new set of customers in the broadcast market. In addition, this set of VSTs are tailored for SADiE, fitting into their new graphic look and creative workflow.”

Radio New Zealand is the first international broadcaster to invest in SADiE 6, with Spanish broadcaster RNE and others following suit after the official release at IBC 2010, adding to the hundreds of pre-release orders taken during the beta-test project stage.

Pete Nash will be at Bournemouth University for the ‘Sounding Out’ creative radio conference, which runs from 7th – 10th September. He will personally deliver them the first SADiE 6 systems in the UK. Sunderland University and Aberdeen College will also taken delivery when SADiE 6 is released to the public at the IBC Show in Amsterdam, where Pete will be with colleagues from Prism Sound and SADiE. Alex Westner from iZotope will join the team for the launch on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th, along with Mark Ethier, iZotope’s President/CEO.

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