Some of the recent initiatives from the Samsung Group clearly indicated that the company is intended to manufacture devices for the health conscious people in the world. At “Voice of the Body” event, a few days ago in San Francisco, Samsung president and chief strategy officer Young Sohn announced the company’s vision on open health-sensor platform. 

During the event, Samsung focused on introduction of its two new products/concepts. One was Simband “investigational device” (according to the company) that comes with health sensors that track medical data and information and the other one was a programme named as SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions) which will upload health-related information on a cloud network. The company stated that “there needs to be better technology for keeping tabs on the body at all times. That includes a mix of sensors, data, and behavioral science that can give both consumers and healthcare providers a deeper and more complete view of human health”. 

The Simband, which is still in development phase, will become a thing of future, claims Samsung. It is a next–gen product that tracks bio-metrics including heart rate, body temperature, body fat, hydration level, stress levels and blood pressure. The main aim of Simband would be predicting and preventing the illness and bad habits, and consequently saving the time and money of users and the health institutes.

Simband makes use of optical, electrical and physical methods to collect vital signs of our body. The wrist band comes studded with tons of sensors and Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Simband is built on an open sensor modular platform, which enables other companies to customize and integrate their technologies, The company has also partnered with University of California, San Francisco and the University of Chicago for development and testing of the device.

Data collected by the Simband will be synchronized with  SAMI cloud network and will be in context of users – location, calendar, and environment – and various machine rules, which then will be analyzed with a set of highly advanced algorithms. Some analysts believe that Samsung’s Simband and SAMI introduction this week were nothing but the company’s attempt to dive into the health industry ahead of Apple’s iWatch.


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