The iPhone and Galaxy handset makers had given an almost same statement announcing about the allover ceasefire while making commitments pursue further act in the UNITED STATES, Which when analysed says that it involves much higher amount of potential damages.
The stand-down is likely to enable Samsung Electronics, the world no.1 smartphone maker, is now changing its focus towards its Chinese competitors such as Xiaomi rather than fighting with a costly and far going legal war with Apple around the world; analyst said.
“It clearly appears that Samsung and Apple, the two strongest market leaders, are making strategic alliances as China Xiaomi is upcoming as strong market competitor,” said Cho Chang-Hoon, a business professor at Sogang University in Seoul.
Last week, Samsung Electronics officially posted its weakest earning since the year 2012, which highly hit by its upcoming rising competition with Chinese smartphones developers.
Today Xiaomi took china’s smartphone crown after replacing Samsung Electronics as the largest smartphones vendor in china, data Canalys shows.
Since 2011, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung Electronics started in the United States when Apple first filed suit alleging claiming that Samsung had copied the elements of its iPhones, the device that is launched by the Apple industry.
Samsung Electronics sued its Cupertino, Day after when Apple suit got launched in the United states. The new agreement ends patent disputes in Australia, France, Italy, Germany, japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom, countries where the army of lawyers is engaged by the smartphone market leaders for what analyst said were questionable gains.
These two big market leaders Apple and Samsung Electronics together dominate the world smartphone market and together occupy market share of 37.1 percent in the second quarter, according to strategy Analytics.
A Samsung Electronics spokeswoman declined to comment.



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