Samsung wants to push the limits and release a watch-phone that isn’t greeted by many analysts, who question themselves if this device is what we really need right now.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Solo is supposed to be released this June or July, but will the consumers want to buy this gadget? Isn’t the mobile device market already saturated?

Roydon Cerejo, author at Tech 2, believes that adding a SIM slot in a watch isn’t a brilliant idea and he doesn’t understand why a person would want to call another person from a watch, when phones are used in this regard. “Not to mention a watch will be terribly inconvenient to have a private conversation on. The Samsung Gear Solo isn’t going to be what many people think. I highly doubt Samsung would make such a move. Even if they do it, it would just be for the “world’s first” title”, wrote Roydon Cerejo on

He added that the best smartwatch would be the Motorola Moto 360 and Samsung would have to do better than this.

Nimish Sawant, another author at Tech 2, said that it would be very odd to make or receive calls on a smartwatch, and he can’t imagine how it’s like to lift your wrist to your mouth, to talk with the person who calls you, but he admits that this gadget would come in handy when a person is caught in traffic and can’t reach its phone to answer. “Well, ideally while driving, you shouldn’t be attending any calls. If you absolutely have to, then it’s best to pull over before talking or responding to that urgent mail”, wrote Nimish Sawant on

The author also believes that a smartpwatch should be an accessory to a smartphone, to come with sensors on-board and a long lasting battery. But this gadget won’t convince consumers to replace their smartphones and one of the reasons would be the noise from the streets. Bluetooth handsets are ideal in this case, and they should be an accessory for a smartwatch.

Nikhil Subramaniam, who also writes for Tech 2, is convinced that Samsung is risking a lot by releasing this gadget, but the company wants to be among the first tech giants who release such a product. “Presumably, Samsung wants to be ready to scale up. So this year we are hearing about Galaxy Eye, its take on Google Glass, and even a VR headset like Oculus Rift, which will reportedly work with Galaxy smartphones”, wrote Nikhil Subramaniam on

We’ll see if the Gear Solo will have a successful release or Samsung will fail to impress this time.

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