Introducing another Samsung Galaxy S5 in the line, company made an addition to the current set of Galaxy phones. The very much anticipated smart phone and powered with Android 4.4, the Galaxy S5 is expected to hit the shelves in the coming few weeks. All major carriers in the world will be making this phone available under a contract.

The company which is yet to provide a release date for Galaxy S5 in the month of April didn’t made any clear indications on the price of this upcoming model too. By looking at the price of Samsung S-series phones in the past, the phone is not expected to cross a price tag of $200.00 for 16 GB model and $250 for 32 GB model. Also, since there is no mentioning of it from carriers including  AT&T and Verizon, the price may have a slight difference to what have been estimated, but it would be a surprising situation if the price shoots by $100 or more. Samsung’s rival, Apple is also providing the iPhone 5S at a price of $199.00, so shooting any price hikes will result in decline of sales.

Customers willing to buy this phone without any annual contract will have to pay a price around $600. Carriers including AT&T provide plans without an annual contract for around $60 per month and it includes 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited calls, texts, voice messages and international texts to a limited set of countries.

Coming down to specifications of Galaxy S5, for customers to decide whether they should buy it or not, this phone houses a powerful quad core processor, latest operating system — Android 4.4 also known as KitKat and most amazingly a finger print sensor. After being introduced in Apple iPhone 5S, a number of companies made a rush to include this feature in their upcoming phones, one of them is Samsung.

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