Yet after so many Android phones and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, the company is diving into manufacture Windows phones exclusively with Verizon.

A notorious leaker on Twitter @evleaks, who is famous for providing ground solid leaks on latest and upcoming phones, provided images for the upcoming Samsung Windows 8.1 phone. The design is very much like any other Android phone the company manufactures, it is having a Windows 8 logo on the home button.

Almost a month ago, Samsung had sent this upcoming Windows Phone for FCC approval, and now the images have emerged for the design and other features. The image shows it is exclusively for Verizon, but days are not far when it will have other carriers too.

It would not be surprising to see this phone coming with a 1080p display and 4G LTE support. A few of sources said that this phone is having features similar to the upcoming flagship of Galaxy S5, this phone is supposedly going to have a screen of 1080 x 1920 resolution, a multi core processor clocking at 2.4 Ghz and a 16MP camera with 2 MP front camera.

With the Windows Phone 8.1 running in it, this new phone will house a  Ardeno 330 GPU, which has proven to provide best in gaming performance among all. Many phones have this as the source for satisfying the hunger of powerful games.

In terms of smart phone market share, a report from comScore, a research firm, declared Samsung on the second position with Apple on the top. Samsung has been dominating with a variety of Android smart phones including Galaxy S4, Note 3 and Grand 2, and by hoping into the market of Windows Phone, the company will strengthen its shares.

Summing it up, this new phone will debut in the upcoming months and will soon be available in the other countries also. While most of the companies including Nokia and HTC manufacture phones with Android or Windows Phone running on them, its a high time for the South Korean giant to pull up the strings.

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  1. jeff

    I hope it bombs just like verizon does. Cant even keep their prized phones updated. Sooooo glad when my “noose” contract is up !!!!!!!

    • Nostromo

      Don’t despair. Just get the latest and greatest of whatever anyone’s selling. It’s just a minor twist on planned obsolescence.


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