Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nvidia on November 21 in an approach to take Nvidia graphics chips away from the US market after a series of licensing talks between the two failed. Samsung has filed a case on Nvidia, accusing them of infringement of several of its patents and also for making false allegations, as a part of their efforts to block Nvidia out of the American market.

Nvidia is an American company and a popular manufacturer for personal computers GPUs and mobile computers SOCs (System on a Chip Units). This is not the California based company’s first legal battle with Samsung. The clashes between the two first surfaced in the public in September 2014 as Nvidia filed a case against Samsung and Qualcomm Inc. with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) over patented GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). Nvidia had urged the ITC to block the imports of Galaxy tablets and smartphones that were using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon GPUs and Exynos processors from Samsung into America.

On November 4, Samsung struck back and sued Nvidia in a Virginia court for infringement of patent rights, accusing the latter of having infringed eight patents while releasing the Nvidia Shield portable computers. Interestingly, both the parties involved in this legal tussle denied they stole technology from their direct competitors.

“A predictable tactic,” Nvidia had said on Samsung’s lawsuit. This is thus the third time the two will be locking horns in a court of law.

As the patent war between the two tech giants is heating up, Nvidia seemed confident and upbeat about its legal team’s capability to handle the chance, though they had not got the chance to go through the lawsuit in detail while issuing that statement. The verdict in the case is expected to be out soon and the Korean giant appears to be fighting a losing battle here- partly because Nvidia has been one of the market leaders of the gaming industry and mainly because the courts can see the suit was a desperate move to block the import of chip sets.

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  1. Nonscpo

    So is it a bad time to buy a Nvidia Shield Tablet or Samsung Galxy Note 4?


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