California health officials confirmed more measles cases in San Mateo County on Friday. This is the third new case in the Bay Area, raising concerns across the world. The news followed another announcement citing similar concerns in the Marin County. The region reported two new cases of measles, which are the first since 2001. The reports confirmed that the children affected by the disease are two unvaccinated siblings.

The Marin County cases are linked to the recent Disneyland Resort outbreak, where the children were first exposed to the infection. Fortunately, the children stayed away from school the whole time, limiting a potential spread of the disease to other children. The news was confirmed by Dr. Matt Willis, a public health officer. However, the other children in the school who have not received prior vaccinations continue to attend school.

In this context, the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services informed that school children who are unvaccinated were deliberately not asked to stay at home. This is because the officials were reported any infected cases at the school. The officials also said that the California law allows local health departments to forbid unvaccinated children from attending school. The rule is applicable for a maximum of 21 days, as this is the incubation period.

Apart from these, there was a total of 91 cases recorded in California, as on Friday. Of these, 58 were traced back to the outbreak at Disneyland Resort. In addition, San Mateo County also recorded new measles cases. The outbreak has spread to more regions, including Alameda County and Santa Clara County. While the first region recorded as many as six new cases, the latter two. The worst hit is Southern California, most of which are linked to the Disneyland Resort case. The rising number of infections has raised alarms for an endemic if immediate precautions are not taken.

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  1. Jakob Stagg

    I survived measles. I am sure most folks can. The real danger is how politicians will spin it to serve their agenda.

    • uhhhno

      Yeah I mean forget about the people who go deaf or die, as long as they aren’t you. Right?

      • Jakob Stagg

        No matter how you, I, or anyone else feels about it, it is what it is.

        Remember, measles vaccine has not always existed. Since it’s introduction, people have opted out. What I think has nothing to do with deafness or dying. Whether to immunize or not is more a political choice than sense.

        If we look at flu vaccines they are not always effective, as this season. Again, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or feels about it. We are stuck with the reality. In the end, the reality is all that remains.

    • frankenfurter

      Last year, 100000 people on Earth didn’t agree with you because they died from measles. Also, if a kid is out 21 days from school, don’t you think that is problematic for their education? I remember when I was in school, being out for even 2 days at school would leave you catching up for a week. Imagine a whole month. Were you able to go to work, to school, to function in your normal societal capacities during your measles infection? Also, “most folks” can survive, but there are many folks with compromised immune systems (infants, elderly, AIDs patients) that have a good chance of dying if they got the measles. Not vaccinating unless you are unable to be vaccinated due to age, etc., is an incredibly selfish, misinformed thing to do.

      • Jakob Stagg

        Reality check: Every living thing will die.It matters not whether they agree with me or not.

        Kids are more likely to contract a contagious disease in that 21 days than suffer irreparable learning deficits in 21 days. The acute phase of measles, or most diseases do not last the full period of incubation. My education continued during the period of measles, chicken pox, pertussis, and several flu infections. I was spared polio.

        “Normal societal capacities”? What is that about? Life goes on no matter what. I was totally disabled for a year and a half after an auto accident. That raised hell with my college education. I hung in and graduated, a couple years later than expected. It had NOTHING to do with agreement, feelings, what I wanted or not. It had to do with motivation. Selfish?

        Politicians and fear mongers rejoice in every deception.

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