Ever since Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, the nation has debated the case. Starting on Monday the case finally goes to trial and those facts that have been long debated, will finally be heard in court.

Since the shooting took place there have been protests, online campaigns, death threats and a national debate over gun laws, self-defense and race.

For over a year supporters of Martin and Zimmerman have waged arguments that have been emotionally charged about the February 26, 2012 deadly encounter in the small southern city of Sanford, Florida.

Debates have taken place across the Internet about whether the defendant actually was attempting to defend himself against the acts of an aggressive teenager who started hitting him or if he profiled and then murdered the unarmed black 17-year old.

The shooting death took place 470 days ago and finally in a courthouse in Seminole County just 6 miles from the shooting, a jury will hear and then decide the case in which the self-defense laws in Florida and racial profiling will be on trial along with Zimmerman.

The trial will be televised and jury selection starts Monday June 10.

Jury selection will be tedious as both sides must be very careful in their selection since the race issues are highly charged, said a criminal defense specialist who was a former Jacksonville, Florida prosecutor.

The prosecution, says experts, wants a jury heavy in black people or any other minorities who have suffered bad experiences due to characteristics that can be profiled.

The identities of the jury pool of more than 500 people will remain anonymous and the judge said the group could be sequestered.

Local police have been put on alert for the upcoming case and everyone in the area is said to be on pins and needles for the upcoming trial.

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    • SouthernGirl2

      You sound like a fool. Time for Zimmerman to pay for his crime of killing an unarmed kid. May he rot in prison!


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