A denizen from the city of Hyderabad also christened Cyberabad, Satya Nadella has been capitulated into the center stage of attention when he donned the mantle of the CEO of Microsoft. As scribes searched for more information pertaining to the new CEO, it was strange that there is so little material about Satya. Closer scrutiny revealed something else, even the 25 odd tweets till July 2010 was laden with an amazing volume of exclamation points instead of words.  It revealed a personality with boundless zeal and gusto for something new and novel. The question is , will he be able to deliver and pull Microsoft to its past days of glory?

Experts have been trying to read between the meager substances which are available. As one writer feels, “It’s on Twitter where Nadella’s (relative) youthful exuberance shines brightest, an amazing volume of exclamation points instead of words.”

Experts have been quick to find similarities between him and his predecessor, and his first email to his employees was extraordinarily subtle and appeared to share with his predecessor, a penchant for slang, cliche, and superfluous superlatives.

The Indian media went to the town proclaiming the rise of the Indian born executives who has made big in the world of tech land. However the expats are squirming at the obvious reference and the debate which is raging if a Microsoft insider will be able to take the company on a path of progress. The answer can be gauged from the headlines of major publications which always ended in a question mark.

The headlines differed from the ambiguous to the outright rejection sentiments. PC World asks “Can a data geek solve Microsoft’s consumer puzzle?” while another tech pundit ponders, “Microsoft names Nadella CEO: A New Era or New Error?”

Microsoft tried its best to package its new CEO in an attractive package with endorsements from Gates and Ballmer. But the absence of direct media interaction has little served the purpose of throwing light on a person who has been able to hide in the shadows of the Redmond based company for more than 22 years. The most frequent headline was –Who is Satya Nadella?


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