Saudi Arabia has started military operation against the Houthi fighters in Yemen. This information was given by the ambassador. Saudi Arabia will be leading a coalition of Gulf nations against the Houthi rebels who are threatening to take over the capital Aden.

Meanwhile Egyptian state news has reported that Egypt will be providing political and military support for Saudi operation against Houthi rebels. The state news quoted Egyptian Foreign Ministry sources and said that the operation is being coordinated with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab countries. The Egyptian air, naval and ground forces could take part in the operation if necessary.

Saudi Jets pound Houthi rebel positions in Yemen

Meanwhile the Royal Saudi Air Force jets have pounded Houthi fighter positions. It has destroyed a number of Houthi air defenses and numerous Houthi fighter planes. The Saudi government has enforced a no fly zone over Yemeni airspace.

The Saudi action comes after months of Houthi rebel activity and has in the recent months intensified their violent campaign against the government.

Saudi Arabia has launched military operations in neighboring Yemen, where for months Houthi rebels have intensified, the told reporters in Washington on Wednesday.

Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir said the operation consisted of airstrikes on more than one city and in more than one region.

“We are determined to protect the legitimate government of Yemen. Having Yemen fail cannot be option for us or for our coalition partners.”

The Houthis’ political wing, Ansar Allah spokesman has warned that force will be met with force.

He said, “This is a clear aggression and we will respond by a counter aggression. The Saudi move will unite all the people of Yemen against the Saudis and the kingdom will pay the price. If the Saudis try to invade with ground troops, they will fail. They probably will try to avoid that, but if it happened then they will pay a very high price.”

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