Israel’s Weizmann Institute recently released a new finding showing that sugar substitutes or artificial sugar can cause more harm to the human body. Consumption of synthetic sugar substitute (Artificial sugar) intended to curb Diabetes is, in fact, boosting it. Artificial sugar sometimes referred as non-calorific sugar is doing the opposite and can even lead to the obesity epidemic.

Artificial sugar is recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes and for those having symptoms of the disease. As the sugar leaves a sensation of sweetness on the individual’s tongue and then passes through intestinal tract without getting absorbed. Experiments done on rodents suggest that after consumption of artificial sugar they developed glucose intolerance and when antibiotics were given to kill the gut bacteria, the glucose level was reduced to normal. The data when was put together indicated that sugar substitute “may contribute to obesity-related metabolic conditions, by altering the composition and function of bacterial populations in the gut,” said Cathryn Nagler and Taylor Feehley of the pathology department at the University of Chicago.

Eating fruits, yogurt and vegetables can push the gut microbes into the right direction. However, the same experiment was done on seven indistinct human beings who did not normally use artificial sugar. Within five days, four of them developed elevated blood sugar levels.

People switching to diet soda to curb the intake of calories in their diet should think again as diet soda is not a healthy substitute over sugary soda. It is best when used in a small amount and for a very short period. Long-term studies show that regular consumption of artificially sweetened beverages reduce the intake of calories and leads to weight loss or maintenance.

Jim Mann, a researcher at the University of Otago, Dunedin, in New Zealand says people should not switch to artificially sweetened beverages to lower the sugar consumption. He says, “Water is very useful way of quenching thirst.”

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