As incredible as this might sound, scientists have found in Argentina proofs of a new species of dinosaur that must have been seven times bigger than the T-Rex and weighed much more than the Boeing 737. It is named Dreadnoughtus scrani meaning “feared nothing” because its massive size and towering height indicated it would have feared nothing and considered nothing a threat to itself, and no predator would have dared it in anyway.

The fossilized bones of the extinct dinosaur was unearthed in Argentina between 2005 and 2009, and the measurements of its bones showed 85 feet or 26 meters in length, and it weighed around 65 tons – a weight that is equal to 12 African elephants, or seven T Rex. The discovered skeletons of the dreadnoughtus indicated it was the largest land animal in ancient times, and also the largest herbivore of all time – much bigger and larger than the biggest ever known dinosaurs.

Dr. Kenneth Lacorvara of the Drexel University in Philadelphia made the discovery, and he estimated that the partial skeletons unearthed must be 77 million years old, and “it is by far the best example we have of any of the most giant creatures to ever walk the planet.” And this is essentially because the dreadnoughtus’ tail vertebra measured 30 feet, its neck vertabra measured over a yard, and its thigh bone measured 6 feet.

Dr. Lacorvara believes that “with a body the size of a house, the weight of a herd of elephants and a weaponized tail, dreadnoughtus would have feared nothing,” and the massive land animal would have spent its whole day feeding on tree leaves and plants to sustain its large size. “I imagine their day consists largely of standing in one place. You have this 37 feet-long neck balanced by a 30 feet-long tail in the back. Without moving your legs, you have access to a giant feeding envelope of trees and fern leaves…”

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