A faint hope may be rising in the horizon for patients of spinal cord injuries, and this faint light at the end of the tunnel is the development of a drug that is currently being touted as capable of healing broken spinal cords among other spinal injuries.

This drug will save hundreds of spinal injury patients the cost of invasive surgeries and the long months of hospitalization in specialist hospitals.


According to the researchers, this drug works by repairing damaged nerve cells as well as re-establishing communication connections across broken spine region. A trial was run on injured mice, and it was found that the injured rats could move their back legs as well as control their bladders after the drug was administered to them.

According to Jerry Silver, a neuroscience professor at Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University, “this recovery is unprecedented.” And Lyn Jakeman, study co-author and program director at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, adds that “This is a great step toward identifying a novel agent for helping people recover from spine troubles. The development has opened possibility that millions of people could, one day, regain movements lost during spinal cord injuries.”

Unlike other procedures that require invasive surgery, stem cell injections, nerve tissue transplants, and neurostimulator implants, this new spine injury drug only requires some form of injection and that does it. It is considered that this new spinal injury drug would restore the hopes of hundreds of patients to move their limbs and parts of their bodies again; but then, the drug does not appear to be in the market yet but is currently undergoing subsequent trials.

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