The first leadless Heart Pacemaker has been unveiled and encouraging results have been obtained after a year of trial. A brainchild of Sr. Vivek Reddy, Director of Arrhythmia Services the results of the trials of the leadless Cardiac Pacemaker was presented at the Heart Rhythm Society’s 35th Annual Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.

Dr Reddy said, “This is the first time we’ve seen one-year follow-up data for this innovative, wireless cardiac pacing technology and our results show the leadless pacemaker is comparable to traditional pacemakers”.

According to the report presented by Dr. Reddy, the leadless pacemaker has been installed in more than two dozen patients without the need of any surgical procedure.

Dr Reddy further added that more trials are necessary to follow up of these leadless study patients to learn more about the prospective advantages, benefits, and complication risks of leadless pacemaker technology. The trials were conducted on 32 patients and the results showed that the leadless pacemaker was as effective as conventional pacemakers.

The device is only a few centimeters in length, no more than an AAA battery. The device which looks like a small silver tube is said to be less than 10% the size of a conventional pacemaker. The pacemaker will cause less uneasiness and also negate the risks of infections since no surgery is involved. The device monitors the heartbeat and induces electrical stimulation when the heartbeats slow down.

The leadless cardiac pacemaker has been perfected by an Indian origin scientist and already the device is being hailed as a revolutionary device. The leadless pacemaker is positioned inside the heart by a catheter guided process through the Groin via the femoral vein without any need for surgery. The leadless pacemaker was installed in patients in hospitals in Prague and Amsterdam.

4 million patients across the globe have a pacemaker, and each year 700,000 new is added according to medical sources.

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