Disco Clam, as the term being used quite often nowadays, they are Cetnoides ales if we want to go behind more scientific term. They are known for the glow it produces in the sea by portraying rhythmic light show. Scientists have figured out the secret behind the production of these light effects.

Scientists and researchers from the U.S. and Australia have successfully managed to such techniques that helped them revealing the answer how these Cetnoides ales creates its rhythmic display with the help of a purple colored glow.

For many years since the past, scientists were unable to get the answer to this question, and what they assumed that the clam’s light display is the bioluminescence (light-producing reactions of chemicals) that is actually a common marine phenomenon, trended for quite some time.

However, scientists are now getting more information on this topic, and they have also figured out that it is not the specie that produces light, but it is a light reflector.

“To the best of our knowledge, C. ales is the first animal to use silica as a scattering structure via intracellular nanospheres,” says Lindsay Dougherty, a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley. “Indeed, it is unusual to see silica secreted by animals for any purpose.”

“They’re almost ideal reflectors in blue-green water environments,” says Lindsay Dougherty, a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Importantly, the mechanism behind the disco light show is the curling and uncurling of the lip tissue lining that is focusing more onto the sides with or without silica beads. Researches have also found that silica, which is the main element found in quartz and glass, and it simply reflects the amount of percentages, let’s say between 85 and 90 of the light that directly underwater.


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    Editors: another species endangered by habitat destruction- just when the standards of writing are falling through a floor defined by a burgeoning public illiteracy. Ignorance is praised, science condemned, and superstition touted as equal to empirical knowledge- all carefully nurtured by a leadership which rightly regards critical thinking as anathema to the safe consolidation of rule and the ongoing destruction of freedom.


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