Forget about malaria, here is dengue, a complex virus that infects millions of people worldwide yet there is no approved or universal vaccine for it. The reference to a universal vaccine is that there exist certain vaccines that cannot guarantee protection against all the four traits of the virus. However, in the latest development, a team of international researchers, including those from the University of Melbourne, said they are making good progress against dengue, Medical News Today stated.

The researchers said that they discovered a class of antibody that can offer dependable protection against all the four traits of dengue. The antibody is effect whether the virus is produced in mosquitoes or human.

It does happen that people who survive infection from a type of dengue develop almost permanent immunity against that particular trait. However, the same person remains vulnerable to the other three traits. Also, while efforts have been made to develop vaccines for dengue, most efforts have only yielded vaccines against specific traits. As such, the discovery of a potential universal vaccine for dengue marks both an important breakthrough in the research for dengue vaccine and also comes a reprieve for the people troubled by dengue.

Additionally, the new antibody finding clears the way for further vaccine trials so as to bring the deadly virus under control. According to Cameron Simmons, a co-author in the new study dengue, there is an urgent need to reduce suffering in people brought about by the mosquitoes-borne virus.

Dengue is said to be a rapidly emerging virus that affects millions of people around the world every year. The virus reportedly affects about 400 million people worldwide each year. However, there doesn’t currently exist an effective protection against it. The virus is characterized by flu-like symptoms and sometimes become severe. Dengue mostly attacks children, and it is prevalent in Asia, Latin America and is feared to be spreading to Southern Europe. The virus also infects in Southern U.S.

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