The human body is an incredible machine and the human brain is much more powerful than the fastest supercomputers. Science has not been able to replicate nature and the human parts still but efforts are on. One of the latest developments has been the creation of a a micro-sized robotic muscle, which is 1,000 times stronger than a human muscle by the researchers of University of California (UC), Berkeley.

You may have seen robots that destroy mankind in movies but it is not going to be fiction anymore and man is very close to make it happen. The robots have superhuman strength and able to do tasks which can be described as impossible by human standards.

A material known as vanadium dioxide is used to produce a robot muscle. The material has some very special properties. When heated to 67 degrees Celsius, the substance transforms from an insulator to a conductor. This transition is characterized by a release of huge amount of energy or strength.

The energy can be utilized in a number of ways by the Robot like lifting objects which are 50 times heavier than itself to a distance many times which can be thrown by a similar sized human in the millionth of a second.

The heating of the muscles of the robot can be done by a miniature heating pod or with an electric current. The heating process can be accomplished optically also since Vanadium Dioxide absorbs light an the heating process is triggered.

According to Physicist Junqiao Wu, the leader of this search project, “With its combination of power and multi-functionality, our micro-muscle shows great potential for applications that require a high level of functionality integration in a small space.”

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