‘Bourbon Virus’ is apparently a new virus that is a cause of concern in the US, as it has no previous medical history or predominance, and hence went unidentified. A man, reportedly healthy, once got infected with the virus, after being bitten by ticks, and passed away after 11 days owing to a related illness. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention never spotted the virus. The virus is named after the name of the county in Kansas where the man affected with this virus hailed from.


Kansas Man Died To An Unknown Virus

The Kansas State epidemiologist, Charles Hunt was surprised and commented, “We are unaware about this virus, and hence it is of due importance to find details pertaining to public health perspective.” The research team revealed snippets of news – the person affected was a healthy individual and below 50 and was working outdoors in East Kansas, when a fat tick came and sat on his shoulder.

Within a few days, the person felt weaker, became diarrheic and had nausea. Gradually, fever gripped him, he had chills and muscle aches. The doctor anticipated Lyme disease and prescribed an antibiotic – Doxycycline that treats tick borne infections. In the fourth day, he started losing consciousness, and hence was hospitalized. Blood tests were negative on Rocky Mountain fever, ehrlichiosis or Lyme disease; yet he got further sickened.

All Possible Tests Reported ‘Negative’

Consequently, his heart failed, his kidneys too lost the race and he passed away 11 days since he was first ill. There were no infections of Q fever or tularemia or infections caused by fungi, as aspergillosis. CDC’s Dr. Erin Staples ran all kinds of tests that came negative. Olga Kosoy, CDC microbiologist noticed a virus was multiplying in the patient’s blood sample. Amy Lamber, Olga’s colleague used advanced molecular detection and sequenced the genome of this virus. They revealed that such a virus was never seen before.

Staples Plans To Track Down ‘Bourbon Virus’

Staples conveyed that ‘I think this virus have been in vogue for a while.’ This summer, scientists will look for ticks, animals or mosquitoes that are bearing this virus. They have plans to try and decipher avenues to track antibodies for this unknown ‘Bourbon Virus’.

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