Citizens of Seattle participated in a survey aimed to find out if calorie counts displayed with each food item at restaurants increased their awareness or not. The daily calorie intake is an important measure of the human health and must be kept in check. But to ensure optimal intake of the right amount of calories for each person, it is vital that restaurants make this information to the consumers.

To ensure people receive all the required detail about their food, the heath authorities in Seattle’s King County had made it compulsory for restaurants and fast food joints to print the calorie counts on their menus. According to a recent survey, the move helped the U.S. state increased the awareness of the people by as much as three times. The survey aimed at finding the usefulness of the information on their urge to consume more when they dine out.

The study revealed that the consumers, who noticed the difference in the menus, after the calorie-count was added, increased from 8% in 2008 to 25% to 2010. As many as 3,132  people living in King County were telephoned as part of the survey. It is noteworthy that it was in 2009 that it was made mandatory for the restaurants to include the calories in the menu. The research also highlighted that it was mainly women, rich diners and fast-food lovers who used the information. However, there is still a large population which continues to ignore the information.

In this context, a social researcher with Public Health, Roxana Chen, said that the step proved effective and could help fight obesity in the nation.

The measure was a government initiative to curb obesity in the U.S., and results of the survey were published in the American Journal of Public Health yesterday. Following the step, the government could expect to implement the rule across the entire country.

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