Chicago – In a turn of events much related to the global climate change, Chicago had experienced the coldest February 19, in almost 79 years now after the thermometer read 22 degrees Celsius. More than 100 million Americans have been affected by this climate change and Boston and New England residents have been most affected by this change. 15 climate change related fatalities have also been reported till now.

However, meteorologists believe that while Polar Vortex had been the cause of the cold climate earlier, this time it has been the Siberian Express cold Arctic air currents from the Northern regions of Russia, causing the record breaking low temperatures at this time of the year. Ice and snowfall have been reported in regions extending as far as the south of the Gulf of Mexico.


This winter, Boston had reported a stunning amount of 99 inches of snowfall this winter, which is very similar in comparison to the 1995-96 winter periods when the city had received almost 108 inches of snow. This year though, with 5 feet snow falling in the city, to counter the effects the snow had been imposing on the economy, nearly 76,000 tonnes of salt has been sprinkled on the roads of Boston and more than 287,000 miles of snow have been ploughed.

However, much to the disappointment of Easter Americans, there have been reports that the brutal cold could possibly continue next week as well. Bone chilling temperatures could develop in such areas as well. To cite some examples, minus 18 degree Celsius have been reported in Western Pennsylvania while in New Castle, the mercury dipped to negative of 18 degree Celsius as well. Minus 15 has been reported in Butler and minus 6 in Pittsburgh.

For the moment, the snow seems to keep on getting deeper and colder with each passing day and for the next few days, there seems to be no hope of warmness.

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