Samsung held in San Francisco, on May 28, a health-related event and with this occasion, the company revealed the new health wristband called Simband. The fans were disappointed when they heard that the wristwatch won’t be commercialized, but it will serve as an “investigational device”.

Simband will revolutionize the digital health technology because it will be a platform that combines sensors, software and services, with the purpose of monitoring and improving our health.

How will the Simband wristwatch change our lifestyle?

The device will look like any other smartwatch, having a square and colored touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and some sensors that will measure the heart rate and the oxygen level from our bodies. There’s a “shuttle battery” that can be recharged when it’s consumed, and you can take it off without having to remove the band from your wrist. The person who will wear the Simband wristwatch, will be monitored 24/7 and every time the owner won’t feel very well, the device will show it.

SAMI, a software that is used to collect data

At the event that took place on May 28, Samsung talked also about SAMI, which is the acronym for Samsung Multimodal Architecture Interaction, and which is a cloud-based software whose purpose is to collect and store data from gadgets like Simband. 

As for Simband, this gizmo will be released officially by the end of 2014 and it will be a launching point for the upcoming health wearables. Samsung intends to include more features in the Simband, for example to be able to monitor the blood glucose.

Ram Fish, Samsung’s Vice President of Digital Health mentioned at the health-related event that the Simband is open and he hopes that this platform will be embraced by other companies. “We believe that once we are all working from this common platform, sensor technology will accelerate”, said Fish.

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