Research has indicated that analyzing people’s breath has the chances of showing any risk of developing cancer. This involves a simple breath test which has the potentiality of detecting stomach cancer known as Gastric cancer while at its early stages.

However, according to the researchers, it will take the use new technology that is said to sense minute changes on levels of particular compounds that are exhaled breath.

You can predict Gastric cancer using a simple breath test

The technology is commonly referred to as nanoarray analysis and could also be used to monitor those that are at the risk of consequently developing the disease.Never the less, the researchers say that more work is needed to ascertain and validate the tests.

Two breath samples were collected from 484 people having been absented from smoking for close to three hours and a fasting of 12hours.Ninety nine of them had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. However, they had not been treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Participants tested for Helicobacter pylori infection. This is after being put under the scrutiny of their smoking and drinking habits, and the infection is a big contribution to stomach cancer.

A (GCMS) technique was used to analyze the first breath sample. The technique is used to measure volatile organic compounds. Nanoarray analysis was used to measure the second sample in combination with pattern recognition.

From the two samples, there were distinctive ‘breathe prints’ from the GCMS results of the two patients. From the 130 volatile organic compounds identified, there were eight differed significant samples identified from the gastric cancer.

The nanoarray sensing patterns accurately distinguished different pre-cancerous stages that mark out patients at the risk of developing gastric cancer.

There is some truth in this irrespective of other influential factors the likes of alcohol and age. GCMS technology is an expensive technology and may not necessarily be used for screening purposed. It also requires a lengthy processing time.

There is some attraction in this test which is said to lie in its non-invasiveness

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