While Apple is preparing to unveil both a new low- and high-end iPhone next week, ads were leaked from one telecom provider that suggest the phones might launch as soon as this month in China.

As Apple prepares to launch a new iPhone and a less expensive version for the very first time, it has already started to work on something larger.

The Cupertino, California based tech giant has started to evaluate a plan to have iPhones with screens that range in size from 4.8 inches up to 6 inches, said sources close to the matter.

That is a sizable increase in size from the iPhone 5 4-inch screen. It would also be one of the market’s largest screens.

These plans signal that Apple is further shifting it strategy for smartphones searching for new motors to grow as competition from its chief rival Samsung Electronics heats up.

Samsung, based in Seoul South Korea, holds a commanding lead in market share for smartphones. Much of that is due to the myriad of devices offered at different price points and sizes.

On Wednesday, the electronics giants unveiled its Galaxy Note 3 that has a 5.7-inch screen, a size placing the device in a category of phablets or a hybrid of a phone and tablet.

It is not clear yet if Apple will choose in the end to follow the strategy of multi-device, multi-size beyond the launch of its first time ever lower cost model in late September.

Often times the company tests multiple devices and different configurations before deciding a course to take.

However, people familiar with Apple’s internal workings and plans, indicate it is more willing to move forward than during years past.

Suppliers of components said Apple has already started testing new screens for iPhones that are larger in size.

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